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We believe what you believe.

It’s our belief that the horse racing experience is as unique as those who participate in it.  It’s a sensory journey the likes of which are unmatched in the sporting and entertainment universe. It’s that journey that inspired the creation of EMBRACE THE RACE®.

Founded and based in Saratoga Springs, New York, EMBRACE THE RACE® is the exclusive provider of The Apparel for the Horse Racing Lifestyle® and The Official Apparel of Horse Racing®.

Our impassioned brand phrase comes to life through our iconic logo, which represents the movement, imagery, style and allure of horse racing.  With an authenticity that is unmatched, there is a distinct elegance that is only EMBRACE THE RACE®.

Featuring the ultimate in luxury and wearable fashion for men, women and children, our exclusive apparel and accessories line includes hats, polos, glassware, jewelry and much more.  Wh​ether you’re a core enthusiast, fashion driven, or simply love our optimistic tone we have something for everyone who knows what it means to EMBRACE THE RACE®.

Enter the world of ​ EMBRACE THE RACE®​ and Wear What You Love.

To connect with us today: Call 1-518-580-4500, email
(​embrace@embracetherace.com​) or get social @​EMBRACETHERACE

EMBRACE THE RACE® produces a one of a kind reaction. It’s a wonderfully unique combination of emotion and style that connects with our clients.