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One Passion. One Sport. One Brand.

A powerful combination of “I and We”.

We believe the horse racing experience is as unique as those who participate in it.

It’s a journey.

A sensory experience the likes of which are unmatched in the sporting and entertainment universe.

It’s deeply personal and at the same time a collective pursuit that can be shared amongst people from every corner of the universe and from every walk of life.

At EMBRACE THE RACE®, we worked passionately to create a logo that would embody the alluring nature of this powerful combination of "I and We."

The result is an identity that can only be EMBRACE THE RACE®. It's nine distinct strokes, each as important as the other.  It’s nine distinct strokes that unite to tell a story. Your story.  

Click and see it all come to life.

EMBRACE THE RACE® produces a one of a kind reaction. It’s a wonderfully unique combination of emotion and style that connects with our clients.