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What Does it Mean to You?

It’s a power and aura that moves you. Visual, emotional, transcendent.

This is the world of EMBRACE THE RACE®. Click and enjoy.

EMBRACE THE RACE® was inspired by a dream to create the brand that celebrates the horse racing experience - the beauty and aura of endless possibilities.

Using our impassioned brand phrase as our guide, we worked tirelessly to create a logo that conveys the movement, imagery, style and allure of what captivates people around the world. With an authenticity that is unmatched, it’s a distinct elegance that can only be EMBRACE THE RACE®.

With customers throughout all fifty US states and eight countries on five continents, EMBRACE THE RACE® has evolved into much more than horse racing clothing. We’ve become the brand for those who appreciate what matters most - living an inspired life, driven by memories and moments spent with those who share in your desire to celebrate it all.

We invite you to take a look at the video on the meaning of our logo. Watch it, share it and love it. No matter, how, where or why….you know what it means to EMBRACE THE RACE®! #iembracetherace.

Welcome to the world of EMBRACE THE RACE®.

EMBRACE THE RACE® produces a one of a kind reaction. It’s a wonderfully unique combination of emotion and style that connects with our clients.