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Saratoga Inspires Us

It's a vibe and spirit that captivates

From the battle of Saratoga, to the “creativity” of the roaring twenties, to the natural beauty of the Adirondacks - at the core of Saratoga is an unmistakable spirit of independence and leadership

All of which is embodied in the pursuit that has been constant here for centuries, horse racing.

On track and off, what happens in Saratoga moves and motivates. It’s where champions of tomorrow get their start and where champions of today come to cement their legacy. And it’s where humanity unites to celebrate, dream, connect and escape.

It's no wonder our brand phrase was first used here and it's where we call home still today. What surrounds us is an inspiration. It’s a vibe and spirit that moves us to do all we can to make sure EMBRACE THE RACE® delivers on the promise to help you celebrate what you love

So take a look at the interview from the Saratoga Race Course Paddock. We think you’ll enjoy learning about how all of “this” started.

We know what it means to EMBRACE THE RACE® and we know that you do too.

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EMBRACE THE RACE® produces a one of a kind reaction. It’s a wonderfully unique combination of emotion and style that connects with our clients.